Education: District 2 will seek to influence public schools’ decision-making and improve the quality of education; seek cooperative ventures with area schools to improve the quality of life in the area; and, work with participating agencies and organizations to ensure that community input is included in planning decisions.


Participation:  District 2 will work to have the board represent the demographic makeup of the community. District 2 will work to increase the number of adults and youth who actively participate in District 2 sponsored or supported activities, with emphasis on more participation in District 2


Communications: District 2 will explore new methods of informing the community about neighborhood and District 2 activities and will continue to publish the quarterly newsletter. District 2 will work with other organizations in the area and throughout the East Side on issues and activities of mutual interest especially the Phalen Corridor project.


Quality of Life: District 2 will carry out activities and programs to improve the quality of life in the area. District 2 will: (1) promote the growth and visibility of the Crime Prevention Committee; increase the number of active crime prevention block clubs and block contacts; (2) Support the development activities of NENDC; (3) Maintain the recycling program, hold a neighborhood Clean-up and carry out additional environmental and aesthetic improvements; (4) Increase responsiveness and improve effectiveness of recreation center programs.


Economic Development: District 2 will support community-minded neighborhood businesses and the local business associations (WBABA & PVBA), will seek opportunities for jobs for area residents; and will work to increase the tax base in the area, either directly or through NENDC.


Internal Organization Structure: District 2 will improve the skills of the board and staff in carrying out citizen participation activities and will strengthen management capacity of program operation.


Neighborhood Pride and Identity:  District 2 will work to improve the area's image and will encourage residents and community-minded businesses to move into and remain in the area.


Outreach to New Residents:  District 2 will welcome all new residents to the area including the large Southeast Asian population and other minority populations.

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